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In my early childhood, a profound love for creativity and a passion for understanding spaces and people awakened in me. As a child I liked to disappear into my own world, where drawing and painting developed my passion. In that same silence I discovered the harmony of music and the enchantment of words. My life journey led me along challenging and inspiring paths, ultimately back to my own origins: the drawing board, in connection with my clients. Designing 'a home', for people is my mission - a dedication to creating spaces that feel like a warm embrace. It's about aesthetics and it's about embracing a lifestyle that goes beyond design. For me it's all about the feeling of connection, a bond with nature and the people around me.




George is superyacht concept designer and artist.Together with Hannah Sahra, George works on unique concepts, in which they publish groundbreaking and characteristic designs globally. The fascination lies in observing contemporary, modernist art and philosophy for the future.

A well-known work is the concept of the skyscraper

for New York, USA: The Vertical Yacht.  

Concept Designer

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