The location

Peaceful villa in the hills of Cannes

Stylish, customised interior design

The impressive entrance road provides a pleasant introduction to the villa. Together with the large terraces and the open façade, the large windows provides light, air and space, which results in a serene overall appearance.

A large basement allows to enjoy various activities including a spa wellness, luxury car garage, wine bar and game room. The perfect place to completely unwind after a long day full of professional activities, work pressure and distraction.

Studio Hannah Sahra opted for an earthy & urban color palette. The open character of the floor plan and the many windows enhance the peaceful atmosphere. The spacious and stylish sofa in the living room is the perfect place for a cozy evening with the family; the fireplace separating the dining room allows interaction.

The art and photography are outspoken yet in style with the design of the house and reflect the soul of the residents.

Studio Hannah Sahra


Phone: (+31) 6 36 13 46 11

Address: Delft - The Netherlands