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Under the wings of Sinot, Hannah learned the tricks of the design profession.

She has participated in major international projects, with a great attention to luxury, glamor and details.

After her studies, Hannah works for Sinot and Imperial Yachts for over 4 years,

after which she starts her own business in 2020 and further develops her own style:

Warm | Organic | Bespoke | Natural elements | Unique

In the last couple of years, Hannah has made various 'complete designs' for private clients,

companies and organizations: from interiors for yachts to residences, restaurants and hotels.

Hannah Sahra works according to the Hospitality at Home concept,

providing a complete hospitality experience at your property. 

Combining her knowledge of interior design with her eye for details, Hannah Sahra has emerged luxury interior and outdoor design and has expanded her work to decorations.
Drawing inspirations from nature and the effortlessly chic Mediterranean lifestyle, she developed a unique style characterized by elegance, 

contemporary lines, and vibrant colour schemes.

Design Projects

The dedicated and thoughtful way in which Hannah Sahra creates tailor-made total residential concepts embraces every culture and environment and aims to deliver a unique experience for every client on an international scale.

- Portfolio -

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